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As we all know by now,to be successful when writing content for your blog, it is also important to add the eye candy so that people will stay longer on your post or page.

This includes images, videos, graphs or what have you.
As with anything, there are rules to this as in reading the license that come with downloading or uploading an image to your blog.

It can’t be stressed enough that you could be breaking the law if you don’t take the time to know these licensing rules.

A short primer on the different wording you may come across: (more…)


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Success BlogNet recommends Remember the Milk

What did you forget to do today?

It is not just older people who forget things.  In this very busy world, where we have so many things to do, it is simple to forget tasks that you have to do.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to remind of all the things we need to do in one simple place.

Good News!

We finally found an organizer that works!

Introducing Remember the Milk! (more…)


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A blogger who is with Success BlogNet has written a blog post that I quickly wanted to share.  Her blog is called  Like an Eagle -  Soar.   The title of her post  is Follow Your Dreams and it is well work looking at as well as the comment I made to her.

All to often we lose our dreams because of the mind set of others.  When it comes to working online whether it is affiliate marketing or blogging, you are going to find those who will be so supportive and giving but the reality is you will also find those who will try to crush you.  Keep your focus, your mindset and your balance.  Follow your dreams and reach for the stars.

To Your Success,

Success BlogNet Team


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