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Every Once in a while, while the Success BlogNet Team is reviewing blogs for BlogNet Awards, we come across something that touches us.

At the blog site Living Life to the Fullest!

we stumbled upon this fantastic post simply titled:

Always look at the bigger picture

Go visit her blog and see what else she has to offer.

Look at the bigger picture

To Your Success,

Success BlogNet Team


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Success BlogNet recommends Remember the Milk

What did you forget to do today?

It is not just older people who forget things.  In this very busy world, where we have so many things to do, it is simple to forget tasks that you have to do.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to remind of all the things we need to do in one simple place.

Good News!

We finally found an organizer that works!

Introducing Remember the Milk! (more…)


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A blogger who is with Success BlogNet has written a blog post that I quickly wanted to share.  Her blog is called  Like an Eagle -  Soar.   The title of her post  is Follow Your Dreams and it is well work looking at as well as the comment I made to her.

All to often we lose our dreams because of the mind set of others.  When it comes to working online whether it is affiliate marketing or blogging, you are going to find those who will be so supportive and giving but the reality is you will also find those who will try to crush you.  Keep your focus, your mindset and your balance.  Follow your dreams and reach for the stars.

To Your Success,

Success BlogNet Team


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Previously we had written an article on A List of Success Quotes from such people as Albert Einstein, Vince Lombardi, Edwin H. Chapin ( Impatience never commanded Success) which has been so well received we decided to continue this article. (more…)


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I AM Baaaack!

It was probably the longest few weeks of my entire career online!
When the Blognet first went down, we were hoping for a rapid reload on the new servers and a quick return to the buzz of activity our members were creating on the Success Blognet.

Horrors when we discovered that the backups we did have, and those on the host, were incomplete and/or corrupt and although we worked with support from WPdx Manager and our host, it was finally determined that all previous information was lost, and that everyone was going to have to start from square one. The fortunate few kept records and files of their own posts, but there were more that didn’t.

I can’t imagine a worse nightmare for any website owner responsible to others for all their hard work!

Needless to say I take that responsibility quite seriously, and so we’ve been hard at work to revise the whole system to improve the platform AND ensure that this kind of thing never happens again. After a false start using this new system, we found some mods had to be made on the server. Perhaps you had received an email announcing your new blog. If you did and tried to access your account, you met with error messages of “server not found” or something to that effect.

We dumped that install and reinstalled this newest version..and at this point all appears to be working fine, so we will be installing all of the 68 accounts from the previous incarnation of Success Blognet.

Even though it may seem like a setback, I believe that this might have been the best thing for Success Patrol and Success BlogNet, because we’ve come through this time with a renewed focus, a stronger team, and even some powerful new ideas that we believe will even further increase the value of this Blog Network / Portal.

You will see and hear more of that in the near future, but in the meantime we highly encourage you all to return to your former activities with vigor and excitement!
Your NEW Blogging platform is more complete, has more flexibility, is just like a regular WordPress blog, and JUST as powerful in introducing your presence on the Web. Whether you are a Business looking for greater exposure, a Marketer looking to build your team, or someone just looking to share your particular expertise with others in your favorite niche, Success BlogNet has something for you!

You’re in the right place at the right time, and we’re excited to be able to share this time with you!


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