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Success BlogNet recommends Remember the Milk

What did you forget to do today?

It is not just older people who forget things.  In this very busy world, where we have so many things to do, it is simple to forget tasks that you have to do.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to remind of all the things we need to do in one simple place.

Good News!

We finally found an organizer that works!

Introducing Remember the Milk!

Originally started by two people and a stuffed monkey, this applications has grown to where there are over 750,00 registered users.

Here is their information:

The Service

Managing tasks is generally not a fun way to spend your time. We created Remember The Milk so that you no longer have to write your to-do lists on sticky notes, whiteboards, random scraps of paper, or the back of your hand. Remember The Milk makes managing tasks an enjoyable experience.

We began work on Remember The Milk in August 2004. What started as a simple idea soon became a huge web application with every feature imaginable (there’s a reason why this took more than a year to finish!). We launched in October 2005. Remember The Milk now has more than 750,000 registered users.

Here are just a few of the features of Remember the Milk:

Manage tasks quickly and easily.

Success BlogNet says Remember the Milk

Get Reminded Everywhere

Success BlogNet-Remember the Milk

….. and there are even more features

You can easily customize which tasks you see in your task window by filtering them based on tag, location, or advanced search criteria. You can also create new tasks at any time by typing in the box provided. Make it as detailed or simple as possible; you can include tags, due dates, etc…

Success BlogNet also found that this great application has a firefox extension that was easy to upload and use.

Download the extension, signup for a Remember the Milk account if you haven’t already, and get to tasking.

One last thought to leave you with -  Remember the Milk reminded me to do this post :-)

To Your Success

Success BlogNet Team


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A blogger who is with Success BlogNet has written a blog post that I quickly wanted to share.  Her blog is called  Like an Eagle -  Soar.   The title of her post  is Follow Your Dreams and it is well work looking at as well as the comment I made to her.

All to often we lose our dreams because of the mind set of others.  When it comes to working online whether it is affiliate marketing or blogging, you are going to find those who will be so supportive and giving but the reality is you will also find those who will try to crush you.  Keep your focus, your mindset and your balance.  Follow your dreams and reach for the stars.

To Your Success,

Success BlogNet Team


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When creating your free blog, if you have never blogged before, you are going to run across some words that may leave you feeling a bit lost.

To help make your blogging experience a little easier, here is a short list of some of the more common blogging jargon:

Post: Every time you put an update on your blog, you create a post. In typical computer jargon fashion, this noun can also be used as a verb: You can post to your blog. Posts are also sometimes called entries. (more…)


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