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( Usually when we write posts, we keep our names to “Admin” -  Today I am using my name as this is a post that I had created on a social site.  I would be very interested in your point of view in helping people understand that blogging is about building a beautiful train track- thank you)

When I was working with children with different needs, I was taught a technique to see how connected these kids were.  You took a wooden train set and asked the children to build a train track.  Such a simple test really.  The children who made tracks that were well put together, that made the loop, showed them to be thinking in a whole reasoning.  The children who had tracks going nowhere, well, you can understand their head space ” all over the place” is an apt description.

There are many adults who will go “all over the place” not organized, flitting around from this to that, with little rhyme or reason.  They start one thing in their lives and move on to something else never connecting and getting very frustrated because they do not see results.

What does this have to do with marketing?

Simple. (more…)


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Blogging is not just the words that you put on post, it is also a way to invoke feelings in another person.

From the words you paint, the images and the videos you see,there is also another medium that you should use to its full advantage - music.

There is no doubt that music can conjur up so many emotions take for example this song:

Sometimes, I Feel Like a Motherless Child

If your niche is music, there are so many ways to share your love for music from podcasts, of course YouTube to radio broadcasts.

There are forums targetting music lovers such as:

…and so many more 

Blogging can be on just about anything you have an interest in - Get blogging today.
Create your free blog and talk about your passion.

To Your Success,


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