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by Diane

Find Photos for Your Blog the Easy Way

November 10, 2010 in Blog Tools by Diane

What a great way to get the main Success BlogNet blog up and running again with this fantastic image resource!

TechCrunch let the cat out of the bag, when they introduced a resource that promises to make life easier for bloggers looking for images for their blogs.
Wylio is the company and their solution to finding images that are free, that can be resized and are legal to use (in three easy steps) is something that all bloggers should be excited about.
I know for myself, this is going to make my life easier as I love using images on any posts that I do. In fact I have been known to spend more time finding that perfect image than it has to write a blog post.
For now, until this fledgling company can add more features, be sure to bookmark Wylio and keep it close to you for all your image needs.
Free Creative Commons pictures the Wylio way

What do you need a picture of today?


Picture of a Happy Cat using Wylio

so happy smiling catphoto © 2009 Yumi Kimura | more info(via: Wylio)

Trust me this was easy to use and even easier to get the code to put on this post  – Two Thumbs up for Wylio

by admin

Explaining Bandwidth in Simple English

January 29, 2009 in Blog Education by admin

How many of you have ever seen this message when you have gone to your blog to post an article?

509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Trying to figure out how to explain bandwidth to people is not easy, considering how everything is very  technical.  So I searched around asking different people to help me come up with a way to explain in words what is bandwidth ,what is exceeded bandwidth and what can be done to save yourself from having to see 509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.

Tim Southernwood the CEO of this site as well as BlogNet Awards came up with this analogy.

“Compare it to a funnel. As long as the amount of liquid (data) flowing through the funnel isn’t so excessive that it flows over.. all is well!

If it flows’ve exceeded bandwidth  – it’s a drain on server resources and accounts are structured with specific allotments for obvious reasons. So those with the most information flowing carry a greater share of cost.  If you exceed your allotment, your site is disabled until the flow is reduced, or the pipe (your bandwidth) is enlarged (increased).”

For those of you  who would like to know more about  bandwidth and the speed of bandwidth I found this great article by Leo Notenboom that you should read.  It is called ” What is bandwidth?”

One simple way of reducing your bandwidth is by minimizing the size of images. By minimizing the size of your images, whether by resizing, cropping, or altering quality settings, this method will result in a direct decrease in bandwidth.

If you have other tips or tricks, then be sure to let us know :-)

To Your Success,

Success BlogNet  Team