21 Blog Interview Questions

March 8, 2009 in Blog tips by Diane

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While there are many ways to add content to your blog, today I want to talk about blog interviews.
Blog interviews are a fantastic way to create linking for yourself as well as to the person that you are interviewing.
While this may sound simple, many people hesitate to go this route, simply because they don’t know what to ask, how to ask it and where to find people to interview.

Where to Find people to do blog interviews:

1. Friends. In the different social communities or forums that you belong to, there are sure to be those people whose work that you admire. Ask them! People really do like talking about themselves as well as the work they are in.

2.Bloggers that you are following. I am sure that there are those blogs that you follow day after day for a variety of reasons including keeping up with topics in your niche. By interviewing these people, you have created a good resource for your niche, you have also created important linking for yourself as well as your fellow blogger.

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