Adopt a Word »

Are you aware that our English language words have been around for a very long time and in fact 50% of the words we use today would be unrecognizable from our ancestors living 2500 years ago?

As successful bloggers we all use words when we blog.  Even though we are turning more towards video such as [...]

WordPress TV »

When you think of WordPress do you think of popcorn? Well now you can because as of January 16th(2009) WordPress Tv is now live.  At Success BlogNet we went ( popcorn in hand) to see what this was all about.  As they say on their blog - not just a support resource, but also [...]

Time Your Web Site »

Some people can have sites that load really slowly and it’s a pretty good rule of thumb that if your blog takes longer than 5-10 seconds to load, people start getting fidgety and may even click away.
Here’s a tool that helps you check the load time of your site. It also has a “bookmarklet” you [...]

Be a Successful Twitterer! »

Everyone is talking the twitter talk and at Success BlogNet we are no different.  Since using this fantastic service our views have gone up 5% in a very short period of time.
For those of you who have yet to learn about Twitter… Twitter is a service where people can connect with top mind in their [...]

All Aboard! What Type of Train Track are You building Today? »

( Usually when we write posts, we keep our names to “Admin” -  Today I am using my name as this is a post that I had created on a social site.  I would be very interested in your point of view in helping people understand that blogging is about building a beautiful train track- [...]