Blog Tip – Use the “Read More” Tag

July 26, 2008 in Blog tips by Diane

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A successful blog tip is one that everyone can use, from those new to blogging to those who are more seasoned.

Here is a blog tip that will help your blog become a success.

How to display excerpts of a blog post? The Read More Tag!

Many thank-yous go to for this successful blogging tip.  Of all the explanations out on the web, this was by far the best we have ever seen.

You may want to use the “Read more” tag in a long post. Rather than having the whole post appear on the front page of your blog, you can break the text so the remainder appears on another page.

In themes “Read more” tag can be inserted in these ways:

* in the visual rich text editor use icon number #13 where you wish to break the text;
* in the standard editor use the [more] icon/button where you wish to break the text ;
* in the visual rich text editor where you wish to break the text switch to the “code” tab and type in
* in the standard editor where you wish to break the text type in

Note 1: If you use the tag, it will cut off posts in RSS feeds and summarize them.

Note 2: When you have inserted the “Read more” tag into your text and then view your unplublished post in “Preview” mode you will not see a “split” in the previewed post. However, when you publish the post the “split” will be there.

Personalized “Read more” text
You can change the wording of the “Read more” text that the theme is coded to automatically display as well. This is done by coding in {<!–more your text goes here more!–>} without the curly brackets had to use in order to have the code show here.

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