Plagiarism Revisited

January 18, 2011 in Blog Education, Blog tips by Diane

Back in 2008, I wrote a blog post on Plagiarism – More than Meets the Eye where I explained what plagiarism is and giving some ideas on how plagiarism could occur.
Well today I came across a fantastic article on Blogging Tips by Jonathon Bailey from Plagiarism Today where he talked about 5 ways to get sued as a blogger that is worth talking about.
Where at one time blogging was a straightforward way of expresssing ones thoughts and ideas and for many a way to create an income online…now it is something to look at as with any enterprise…as a professional even if you are just writing as a hobby.
The one point that I feel needs to be mentioned is the issue of images and that was something I had not mentioned in my orginial post…boy can you get into big time trouble! Please and I repeat… DO NOT use GOOGLE as a STOCK IMAGE SEARCH!
As Mr. Dailey pointed out”“Since copyright is affixed to most works upon creation, the vast majority of works on the Web are copyrighted. So using Google Image Search as a stock photo source is a very bad idea, especially considering that the stock photo industry has been on a massive litigation and legal threat campaign.”
I truly hope you will take the time to read this great article.  It is simply written and well worth reading all the comments you will find.
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