31 Tweet Words for You to Use

March 2, 2009 in Social Media by Diane

Do you know what twitterati means or what about a mistweet?

With the rising of popularity of the very successful social community of twitter, a whole new language has sprung up for all the twitters out there  and Success BlogNet decided to clue you in.

For those of you who have managed to not be in the know about this phenomenon, Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Updates are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them.( Wikepedia).

A Short Video on Twitter in Plain English might help you with understanding what all the fuss is about:

On the following page  is a list of some of the most popular Twitter Jargon to help you understand all the twitters on the net


1. Twitterzine A magazine published through Twitter.
2. Tweet Pushers Content writers for a Twitterzine.
3. ReporTwitters A bunch of journalists publishing ‘reality style’ tweets in conjunction with their articles.
4. Twoosh A full 140 character Twitter.
5. Twitter Stream A collection of Tweets, usually belonging to one user, in chronological order.
6.Twinterview Conducting or facilitating an interview via Twitter.
7.Twintro Introducing two people to each other through twitter.
8.Twitterverse The body of Twitter users or community, similar to “blogosphere” ?
9.Twitty Means witty
10. Twollector Twitter + collector: someone that follows as many others as they can, seemingly valuing the total number collected.
11. Twollower Twitter + follower: someone that follows you. If you followed them too they would be twiends.
12.Twitterspeak Using language found only in Tweets, words not typically used in normal conversation
13. Twittiquette Twitter + Etiquette: The relatively unwritten rules of conduct while on Twitter.
14. Twip A tip about using twitter (Or a tip given on twitter)
15. Twinsight A new insight realized via Twitter. Also: an incident in which two people post the exact same.
16. Friendapalooza A scheduled burst of friend-adding on Twitter and other social networks.
17. Dweet Tweet sent while under the influence of alcohol.
18. Tweetaholism Continued use of Twitter to the point of addiction.
19. Twittcrastination Procrastination which is facilitated by the use of Twitter.
20. Twictory To solve a problem using twitter
21. Twittersation A conversation conducted on Twitter.
22. Twacklog A backlog of tweets
23. Twacklist Twitter + blacklist.after The Twitter Blacklist.
24. Mistweet A tweet which one later regrets.
25. Twitterati The glamorous A-List Twitterers everyone wants to follow.
26. Twitosphere The total community of Twitterers.
27. Twitterrhea The act of sending too many Twitter messages.
28. Naked Twits A twitterer’s unprotected updates.
29. Switch Twitter Person maintaining multiple Twitter accounts
30.Twantwam When somebody throws a tantrum
31. Twewbie Someone new to Twitter.

There are many other tweet words out on the net. Feel free to add to this list.  Here’s tweeting at you :-)